Fjord : the success story of a brand !

The success story of Fjord’s brand combines both design, tradition, passion and quality...

In the late fifties, Mr. Alf Bjecke, a Norwegian, visited a Boat Show in Hanover, Germany. During his visit he had a revelation: “The World needs Boats”. Visualizing a concept “ a vehicle for all”. From the start, he would established a trademark that would stand for strong values reflecting those of a Viking: strictness, reliability, solidity, seafaring qualities…

Fjord: the newborn brand !

Ten years later, more than 700 employees got down to provide extraordinary service to all Fjord owners. Throughout the years, Fjord stayed ahead of all European naval shipyards for motor boats.

The Oil Crisis of 1973 shattered all dreams of expansion for the company, however in the late seventies, the brand bounced back and introduced the 28 foot long GRP Fjord « Terne ». The Fjord Terne became soon the main production of the shipyard, and pay particular attention on the quality and meticulous craftsmanship for each detail.

The Fjord 28 Terne became exclusive and Fjord, therefore, a prestigious brand name.

In 2007, HanseYachts purchased Fjord’s brand. From the beginning of their collaboration, they introduced the Fjord 40 Open, a boat of twelve meters with a spectacular design, reaching a speed of 40 knots. Open, light with a cutting edge, the Fjord 40 Open innovates by its unknown design for the 40 foot category.

To continue in the line of the Fjord 40 Open, in 2011, a smaller version was put at sea and it’s known as the Fjord 36 Open.

New Fjord are arriving !

Relying on the know-how of the famous designer Patrick Banfield, and the manufacturing experience of HanseYachts Group located Germany, recognized at that time as one of the most modern shipyards in Europe, Fjord is based on tradition, experience and modern design.

The unbelievable harmony of the Fjord brand allows to create unique boats for unique customers.

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